ToeSok Toe Covers

Have you seen the other end of your patient chair recently?  You know, the end of the chair that your patient’s feet come to rest upon?  Most dental patient chairs have a clear plastic cover that protects the fabric of the chair from the dirt, grime, water, and snow that is tracked in by your patients.  How does your toe cover look?  Is it torn?  Is it yellowed?  Does it detract from the appearance of the chair that is was designed to protect?

We are pleased to announce the addition of the “ToeSok” from Parts Warehouse.  The ToeSok easily slips onto the end of your chair and is held in place by elastic on the underside.  The ToeSok is as easy to install as sliding a sock onto your own foot.  They look great and protect your chair.  We have the ToeSok available in our online store.  If your chair’s toe covers look ratty, I encourage you to check the ToeSok out.

Parts Warehouse Toe Sok