New Equipment Consultation Services

Dental offices are always trying to improve the functionality of their office and equipment so that work can be performed more efficiently. Equipment durability and office efficiency leads to increased profits. Doctors purchase new and specilized equipment for several reasons. New equipment can be exciting and fun to work with, it can cut down on your prep times allowing you to increase your patient volume, it can be an advertising tool that allows you to draw more customers, it can be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and sometimes it can be a headache.

scale_pros_cons_mwWhat works? What doesn’t? What are the pros and cons of different equipment?

As we are out in the field working day in and day out repairing things, we have developed a level of understanding as to what seems to work well and what does not. Who better to ask than someone who repairs stuff all of the time?

We are available for consultation whether over the phone or through a scheduled on-site meeting.

Before you lay down hard currency on that next new purchase, please call us. We’ll be happy to tell you the pros and cons and probably even point you in the direction of people who have had experiences with that new piece of equipment.

New Office Consultation Services

If you are considering an even larger step forward, such as a new office, we can help you there too. We have assembled many offices ranging in size from the single operatory to the large 20+ operatory office. The majority of our new office consultation revolves around equipment, and equipment connections as that is the basis of our knowledge, but we are able to supply a plethera of good information. We can get you in touch with contacts that know how to pull a project together nicely and bring your dreams of the perfect office to fruition. We are able to help you maximize your end result while minimizing your expense. We can work with you to decide what used equipment of your old office can or should be used in the new office. As we purchase used equipment also, we provide an avenue for you to consider upgrading while being compensated for the old equipment. Below are two planner sheets that we use when determining what equipment will go into each room.

R-Tech installation planner sheet #1 – operatories
R-Tech installation planner sheet #2 – Sterile, Lab, Utility

Maintenance Training Consultation Services

We provide a service where we train your staff on the proper maintenance of all of the equipment in your office. We have given in-services to groups of one person to large seminar groups of 100 people or so. Our maintenance seminars can be tailored to meet your office’s specific needs. We can go through each piece of equipment in your office, training your staff how to maintain it, how to repair simple problems, and make sure that they have an ER (Emergency Repair) kit that is properly stocked with the parts and tools that will be needed to perform those repairs. More information on these services is available here.

Computer Network & High Technology Services

Sunset Dental Technologies, LLC (SDT) is a contributor in producing High-Tech Dental service for ONLY the Dental Community.
SDT specializes in HIPPA compliance, configuration and implementation of including complete technology consulting, Dentrix, Eaglesoft and other Practice management software, sales, service and integration of servers, workstations, printers, patient entertainment, intraoral, digital radiography, panoramic systems, LCD arms, phone systems, professional audio & video systems.


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OSHA – Infection Control – Radiation Control Consultation Services

If you are in need of OSHA, Infection control, or radiation control consultation or training services, we refer people to Leanne M. Mathieu Kramer.

Statements Plus Compliance Solutions
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