Sterilizer Maintenance

Your office sterilizer is one of the key pieces of equipment in your office. Keeping it clean and in proper working order is a real challenge because of the constant stream of chemicals through its chamber as well as the constant range of temperatures through which it must operate. Here are some suggestions that will prolong the time you can use it before it has to come and visit me.

#1 Thoroughly rinse, with water, all instruments after they have been in the ultrasonic cleaner before putting them in the sterilizer so as to minimize the amount of Ultrasonic Cleaner solution that gets into the chamber. Pay attention to items like syringe tips that may hold a volume of the ultrasonic solution and later release it during sterilization.

#2 Drain the reservoir and put in new Distilled water on a weekly basis. ( Does Not Apply to Statim)

#3 Be aware of the user maintainable filters in the chamber so you can make sure they are clean and in place.

#4 Remove the trays and tray holder on a weekly basis and clean them with a scotch brite pad. If you use an SOS pad be sure to thoroughly rinse and inspect them for strands of steel wool before putting them back in the chamber. Visually inspect the chamber when the trays are out. Clean it if necessary but be cautious of the filters and sensors that hang into the chamber. Always mop out the water and cleaning solution and rinse with distilled water several times.

#5 For your protection from infection liability be sure to run a spore test on a weekly basis. We have a very economical spore test system that is easy and gives the protection needed.