Saving Money on Electric Attachment Repair

Until recently the failure of an Electric High Speed Handpiece attachment has meant two to eight weeks of down time and repair costs in the area of $600.00.  This was caused by the tight control of parts and tools by the handpiece manufacturers.  The manufacturers typically replace all internal parts when the handpieces come to them for repair.

R-Tech has been working hard to locate the tools and the parts needed to improve the problem with these high costs and extended down times.  We are glad to let you know that we are presently able to repair a percentage of these handpiece attachments like the Kavo 25 LPA and LPR as well as W&H 99, Bien Air CA1:5, and NSK Ti 95.  By using special tools and techniques we can replace failed bearings in these handpieces.  We have located sources of the highest quality ceramic bearings so that our repairs are durable and on a par with the OEM repair facilities.  Furthermore we can repair your handpiece the day we receive it and get it back to you immediately.

We have the best chance of effecting repair of one of these handpieces if it is sent to us before there is a total failure of the head.  When there is a total failure the gears become damaged and the attachment must be sent to the factory for the $600.00 treatment.

Here are the signs of early failure so you can catch the handpieces in time for us to replace just the bearings.

#1 Black colored oil or debris coming from the head area.

#2 Eccentricity in the rotation of the bur. This will probably be felt as a vibration when cutting before it is visible.

#3 Any axial movement of the bur. This can be tested by inserting a bur in the chuck and then pulling and pushing back and forth. If a looseness is felt a failure is impending.

#4 Unusual noise or grinding.

If you watch for these symptoms and catch the problem early you will increase the percentage of handpieces we can fix and avoid sending in to the manufacturer.

All handpieces sent to us for this repair are opened and inspected to determine that the gears and support parts are in good enough shape to justify bearing replacement.  Damage to the gears or support structure still requires that the handpiece be sent to the manufacturer for service.  There is no charge for the inspection if the handpiece has to be sent in and we continue to offer a discount on the factory repair costs.

John Wiltrout
R-Tech Dental