Replacement Stool Casters

I’ll bet that you spend a large part of your day sitting. That’s not to say that you are not working, but you do sit. Your stool rolls on the floor constantly. The stool’s casters rack up the miles and they wear out. So what do you do when your stool doesn’t roll the way it should anymore? You call us! We feature the Master Manufacturing line of casters.
Caster types

The Master casters are of superior construction to most of the casters used in the dental industry. Caster selection is a bit of a science. On hard surfaces (ie linoleum, hardwood floors) you should use a soft rubber caster and on soft surfaces (ie carpet) you should use a hard caster. So if you have new flooring installed and it is different that what you had before, make sure that you have us change your stool casters so that you do not damage your new flooring. We will come out and use a tool to determine the caster stem size (18 stem sizes), type (11 styles), and finish (9 finishes) that you need. We stock on our service truck some common sizes and types, but due to the wide range of possibilities it is likely that we would measure the stool casters and then order what you needed.