Recent glut of non-digital pan and pan/ceph units

Due to the fact that many offices are going to a complete digital setup, there has become an increasing number of good quality non-digital pan and pan/ceph units that are available. Below is a list of some of the more recent machines that are available and the doctors that would like to sell them:

Siemens OP10 Pan machine — Dr. John Gawlik 952-884-8337
Gendex Orthoralix Pan/Ceph — Dr. Philip Perry 651-565-2888
Panoramic Laser 1000 Pan/Ceph — Dr. Jeffrey Loveless 507-451-5993
Panoramic PC-1000 Pan machine — Associates in Family Dental Care (Attn Connie) 507-455-1641

Please feel free to call these doctors/offices to inquire about their used X-Ray machines.