R-Tech Dental’s Founder Published in Proofs Magazine

John C. Wiltrout, the founder of R-Tech Dental, wrote an article titled “The Truth About The Independent Dealer”. He describes what it is like to be a small independent dental service company growing in an environment where large corporate competitors play and manufacturers limit who can and cannot buy their equipment and parts.

“Below the canopy of the massive dental supply houses, in the shadow of the smaller ADC affiliated dental houses, blooms one of the most successful, healthy, and enduring dental equipment service structures in the world.  Here at ground level, closest to the center of the dental world, are the independent dental equipment sales and service companies.”

“The independents have found a niche where the assets as a small flexible company can compete very favorably with the large dental supply companies.  The ultimate winners are the dentists, who benefit from the services and heightened competition generated by the presence of the independent dental equipment service companies.  In return, it is the dentists who firmly lock the independents into place in this wonderful, dynamic, and sometimes crazy industry.”

The entire copy of John’s article can be found HERE on page 18 and 19 of Proofs January 2012 issue.

As always, R-Tech Dental thanks ALL of our doctors for their continued patronage and support.  We’ve got your back and you thankfully have ours!