ProHealth Equipment Distributors, Inc.



We would like to take some time to introduce you to Steve Jaeger, president of ProHealth Equipment Distributors, Inc. Steve is marketing a device called the AnterioRest. AnterioRest is an adjustable arm that is mounted to the back of your patient chair. On the end of this arm is a pad that you can use to lean forward on when working on a patient, rest your arm on while working, or


even use as an additional pillow surface for the patient to lean on. Steve has called on us at R-Tech Dental to install these devices in the Minnesota and Wisconsin territories. If the device looks like something that you might have interest in, I encourage you to contact Steve at 612-860-0462 and request a demonstration. You may also click on the AnterioRest logo and it will take you to their website where there is a video of the AnterioRest in action!