Mint-A-Kleen vs. Mouthwash

Today we received a call from a doctor who was expressing a concern. He had noted that the ingredient list of a mouthwash that was available from his supplier matched the ingredient list of Mint-A-Kleen. His concern stemmed from a price difference between the two products. We contacted Anodia Systems, the manufacturer of Mint-A-Kleen, for their input. While Mint-A-Kleen does contain 0.12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate and 8.5% Ethanol it also includes specialized lubricants that are designed to help it flow. We were told that if the doctor decided to try the regular mouthwash that he would soon find that his unit would become “gummed-up”. So, we wanted to let all of you know that though Mint-A-Kleen does share some of the same ingredients as a common Chlorhexidine mouthwash it is most definitely not the same thing.