How do I stop my saliva ejector tip from falling off? Publish


How do I stop my saliva ejector tip from falling off?”, the hygienist looked irritated, “Everytime I bend the saliva ejector straw even slightly the rubber tip comes off with it and the valve lands on the ground. Then I have to stop and disinfect the valve! What can I do to stop this?”

Well, there are two basic types of saliva ejectors and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses:

The rubber tipped saliva ejector valve:

Strength: The tip is soft and molds to seal on almost any diameter of straw.
Weakness: The tip can be bent to a point where it pops off of the valve.

The all metal body saliva ejector valve:
CHH_30-080-799289Strength: The solid metal body with internal o-ring works like a high volume evacuator valve and it does not have a rubber tip that can pop off.
Weakness: Internal o-rings get worn out and need to be replaced. It does not work with all saliva ejector staws as some have an outside diameter that is too small to be held by the internal o-ring.

So, my suggestion is to switch to the all metal body saliva ejector and switch to straws that work with the all metal body saliva ejector. The problem solved — No more tips falling off!

NOTE: Both types of saliva ejectors that we offer are sterilizable and separable from the actual tubing. At the base of the saliva ejector valve is the rotatable pivot that reduces strain on your hand due to twisitng of the tubing and allows for this disconnection for sterilization.