Hot Utility Rooms

Heat can damage your compressor and vacuum systems. If you have a small utility room that has no ventilation it can get extremely hot in there. To avoid problems with the room getting too hot, you may want to consider adding some ventilation. This means either having a vent and a return installed in the room or having some kind of bathroom fan installed to vent the hot utility room to the outside. Now, nobody wants to vent their heat to the outside in the dead of winter or have a bathroom fan running 12 hours a day venting air conditioned air to the outside in the summer either. So here is the solution if you cannot get a vent and a return installed. Have an HVAC installer put in a bathroom fan that is controlled by a thermostat. That way, the bathroom fan only runs when the utility room gets too hot and does not when it is unnecessary.

Another option is to use a type of fan and thermostat that are used to keep greenhouses cool: