Foreign Mission Dental Trips

If you are planning on going on a foreign mission trip to some remote place abroad and you need the tools to perform dentistry, please give us a call. We work with a company called DNTLworks. They produce delivery systems that are built into a tackle box.

These delivery systems have their own compressor and even suction systems (ProCare II). They must be ordered in either a 120VAC or 230VAC configuration so it is necessary to determine what type of AC power is available in the country that you plan to operate in. I have also been able to help doctors adapt these and other delivery units like this so that they run off of scuba diving tanks, which can be lugged to the most remote areas and still allow you to provide fairly advanced services.

I have a list of several doctors that make foreign mission trips a part of their yearly schedule. It is amazing how much help talking to someone who does this type of trip on a regular basis can be. They have the tools, they have the knowledge and the wisdom to know how to properly plan a trip like this. For my part, I have donated time, equipment and/or supplies from dismantled offices whenever there has been a need and I have had the ability.