Don’t Be That Guy!

“The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts upheld the SUSPENSION of a dentist who failed to conduct and record weekly spore testing…”


CDC recommends sterilizers are tested at least weekly with a biological indicator and every pack with an internal and external chemical indicator.

R-Tech Dental is an authorized dealer for SPSmedical, which has a wide variety of biological indicators, chemical indicators, packaging and recordkeeping products for all sterilizer types!  With R-Tech and SPSmedical, you can avoid being that guy by inexpensively verifying sterilization of your instruments, and ensuring that level of safety for your patients.

Below are some of their available products:

SPS EMS-052 Weekly Sterilizer Monitoring Service

SPS SSI-100 STEAMPlus Class 5 Integrator – Can be placed in each bag or in each load for verification of sterilization.

Don’t be THAT guy!