Can Peri-Pro chemistry be used in a full size AT-2000 film processor?

This question was posed by a doctor that had a bunch of Peri-Pro chemistry in the basement that he wanted to use up. He was hoping to avoid having to buy cases of full-size processor chemistry.

The first point I want to make here is this: Our recommendations have and always will be to use chemistry that is specific to the type of processor that you have. Manufacturers will adjust the quantities of component ingredients in their Chemistry formulation to match the performance and price parameters they have established for their product. Formulations also change based on the time and temperature that the chemical is designed to work under.

If you have a Gendex GXP processor, you should use GXP chemicals. If you have an Air Techniques Peri-Pro then use Peri-Pro chemistry. The use of generic or non-unit specific chemistry can cause damage or discoloration in the long term, not to mention providing you with image quality that is less than optimal.

Peri-Pro processors are designed to operate at room temperature (ideally 72-74 degrees F). Peri-Pro IIs and Peri-Pro IIIs still only heat the chemistry to 72 degrees F. Full size Air Techniques processors operate at 82 degrees F. This temperature difference would, I believe, lead to darker X-ray images if Peri-Pro chemistry were heated in the full size processor. Thus, I suggested to the doctor that he not use it as a temporary replacement.

If you would like to talk with Air Techniques directly about this, they can be reached at 1-800-AIR-TECH (800-247-8324). They are also available on the web at: