Air driven motors for E-Type attachments

Several of my clients are putting in new electric handpiece systems and investing lots of money into the attachments that fit onto them. Most of these electric handpiece systems use attachments that are referred to as “E-type attachments”. Today I was in an office where two of their electric handpiece boxes were broken and not working. The doctor mentioned that it would sure be nice to be able to still use his attachments while the electric handpiece motor and box were being repaired. I found that many of you were not aware that there are air driven motors that will run those “E-type attachments” as well, albeit with less torque.

In addition to the motors, we have several different vendors that have generic E-type attachments at a substantial discount over the name brand ones that you normally see. As an example, we can supply discounted attachments from Mk-Dent, Johnson-Promident, and NSK. Please call us for pricing and types that are available.

Below is a pictorial of some of the options that we have from Johnson-Promident:

The Mk-Dent attachments are available in fiber optic or non-fiber optic and mimmick KaVo style E-type attachments: