Advertising vs. Acquiring

One of my clients calls me every couple of years and tells me, “Well Mike, I’ve acquired another office and I need you to come bid on the used equipment and haul it away.” The last time he called, I decided to ask him why it was that he was acquiring so many offices and never using any of the old equipment. He told me that he does not advertise… At all. He told me that he feels much better served, by putting his entire advertising budget into a “war chest” for future acquisitions. Once he finds an older docotor in his general area, he uses the advertising war chest to acquire the older doctor’s practice. He relies on me to deal with the old equipment and he pulls all of the patient load into his modern dental office. He likes the fact that many of the patients have gone without many “difficult” procedures that he can now provide. He grows his practice in definite leaps and bounds instead of hopeful scatter drift-in from advertising that may or may not be effective at all. He believes that this method is money well spent.